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If you are a small business owner, and have not been considering digitization beyond the point of using a Point of Sales system/ Mini ERP, you may have realized that inevitable has dawned.

With more and more people being forced to work remotely due to COVID-19, (which used to be a luxury only a month ago), businesses are compelled to re-invent their systems and practices to support that.

Below are a list of Free or Near Free tools which a small business can use to achieve above, from industry leaders (which we can swear by having used them day in day out)

Office Communication

G-Suite. As a complete remote team from the inception, we used G-Suite for our office communications. It costs USD 5 per user/ month, but enables you with

  • E- Mail
  • File sharing and cloud storage (up to 30 GB) on Google drive
  • Conduct your office meetings on Google hangouts, free, with up to 100 participants (Do we even need that much?)
  • Google sheets/ slides and docs , a near perfect alternative for MS Excel, PowerPoint and Word

Team Management

Jira provides you a perfect tool to manage your team performance objectively. And up to 10 users it is absolutely Free of charge. With Jira you can

  • Create projects and sub tasks
  • Assign users to the tasks
  • Assign due dates
  • Manage a task workflow
  • Visualize one’s performance on assigned tasks

Analytics and Performance Monitoring

Microsoft PowerBI enables you to visualize your data and make decisions much easier than analysing numerical reports. Set up all your KPIs to a PowerBI dashboard to make sure you don’t miss things that are happening in your business. PowerBI desktop (which is the development tool) is absolutely free and you can sign up to a single user PowerBI account for free which allows you to see your reports and dashboards online.

With PowerBI you can

  • Automate your daily/ weekly/ monthly reports
  • Combine multiple data sources onto one interface
  • Reduce the time spent on analysing and increase the time on making relevant decisions

We will be posting a small video on our LinkedIn page how to whip up a simple PowerBI dashboard from scratch next week. So stay tuned!

Lead Management

Hubspot CRM, another absolutely Free platform you can use to manage your leads. It allows you to

  • Upload, Enter your contacts
  • Assign sales people to manage the leads
  • Lead lifecycle management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ubersuggest is a great SEO tool if you are looking to increase your web traffic to attract more online users, now that your sales team cannot be out and present on their feet. With Ubersuggest, you can see what are the best keywords in your domain, what kind of content your market favours and how you can maximize traffic.

Niel Patel, the founder of the tool has made most of the services on this platform Free as a give back to the community during the hard times.

Further, you can access a list of support services here extended by world’s largest platforms and organizations to assist small businesses who are fuelling 90% of global economy during the hard times.

Thank you Big Brothers!

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