About Us

We are a team with years of experience and expertise in Building Analytics and Strategies for Businesses. We understand what Data is, and what it means to businesses. We want the businesses to mine the power hidden in their data and we help businesses to achieve those goals. Our key domains include Finance, Telecommunications, and Retail.

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Data warehousing

Instead of multiple sources and multiple versions of truth, we help companies to bring all their data onto a single platform, which will enable versatile analytics applications from that point onwards.

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Data Visualization

We combine Business acumen with Data and convert them to an Art to drive decisions with Visuals. You will see the KPIs, the variances, the growths, in a form which is aesthetically appealing and sensible business wise. We customize it to the way you want to see the insights, whether you are a more detail oriented person, or have a more pictographic memory.

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AI & Predictive Analytic

Via specialized algorithms and machine learning models, we enable you to explore what are the possibilities in your business and give prescriptive recommendations using your past data. We also augment our models with relevant external insights to your industry, let it be weather patterns or website rankings.

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User driven analytics

Business users are the people who best know what kind of insight will drive business growth. Our user driven analytics program will actively engage your business users to brainstorm with our Data scientists and prototype best analytical models that your Company will need.

16 years of experience